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My name is Jerry Chai, I am a Medical Student turned Full Stack Web Developer. I am experienced in JavaScript, ReactJS, Ruby, Rails, CSS3/SASS, and many other technologies. I currently work at Good Dog Design, a Bay Area based software consultancy. Check out my portfolio below from some of the projects I built and/or actively involved in, and feel free to get in touch with me if you want me to build your next project!

The Learning Accelerator

Craft CMS Good Dog Design

This is one of the projects I worked on at Good Dog Design. It is build on Craft CMS, a PHP based content management system similar to WordPress. I've taken full ownership of the code base for this project, building the entire front-end, asset pipelining, backend server setup, database management, and dev-ops with customized shell scripts.


Ruby on Rails Good Dog Design

This is a ruby on rails based web application that streamlines invoicing and billing for professional photography jobs. This app was launched just before I joined Good Dog, and I contributed to several of the major post-production features such as searching, account management, and dynamic print previews.


Jekyll Open Source
{Click for Source Code}

This is the official business marketing website for Dreamland Mattress, where I was an I.T. consultant. It was built with the static page serving framework Jekyll, and deployed on AWS s3. Because many of Dreamland's customers are Chinese, I designed this website with bilingual support. The content can be switched freely between English and Chinese by clicking on the language option on the navigation bar.

Patagonia Provisions

Shopify Good Dog Design

This is an ongoing legacy project I inherited from a previous developer at Good Dog. It is a Shopify based ecommerce platform for Patagonia Provisions, a subsidiary of Patagonia focusing on camping related provisions such as food and food containers. I contributed to various features of this project, including a major restructuring of all the templates to make the project more maintainable.

Island Adventures

Craft CMS Good Dog Design

This is another project built with Craft CMS. I utilized the matrix field feature of Craft to give the client total flexibility in terms of content management. After I set up the code structure, the client was able to greatly alter and customize the look and feel of the site with out any further code changes.

Theo 2.0

Ruby on Rails Good Dog Design

Theo is a multi-platform application with a web as well as an iOS component. It pulls real time MLS real estate data and allows real estate agents to streamline their showings. I worked on the web development team for this project and contributed to several features such as the property details dashboard and the agent notes controller.

Marin Community Foundation

Craft CMS Good Dog Design

The Marin Community Foundation is one of the largest nonprofit community foundations in the country that manages more than $1.6 billion in total assets and distributes more than $60 million annually in grants. For this project, I incorporated various Javascript libraries for this project such as Highcharts and Slick Carousel in order to give users a smooth experience.